What can I do if the goods are damaged during delivery?

It is important to inform Delastec GmbH within 3 business days of the damage and the damaged product have to get sent back to us within 10 working days.
See also Terms and Conditions section 4.


 Are the crystals and gifts delivered in special gift boxes?
If at all possible, we try to deliver all the crystals and gifts in matching transport / Gift Boxes deliver. These boxes are used in 1st line to protect the article during transportation. The boxes are usually free. For this reason we do not accept complaints for damage of any kind. We appreciate your understanding.

Are the indicated prices incl. Or excl. VAT?
Prices in 3D laser catalog and in the online shop are incl. VAT. The invoice the VAT amount is stated separately.

What are the additional costs for image processing and laser treatment?
All our prices are including the image processing and also incl. Lasering. Only for complex image editing (for example, motorcycle with storage wheels) A small additional cost is required - this will get communicated to the customer before work. For the creation of 360 ° 3D models from photos extra cost are getting charged for the modeling.

Can color be lasered into the glass?
This is not possible for technical reasons. The lasered points are always displayed in white, because it is a combustion in the glass. In various awards, it is possible to print in color - please inquire with us.

Are there colors, which cannot be well represented in the laser image?
Generally following must be considered: A white color is represented extensively with many laser points and thus appears in the glass very bright. Dark colors are, however, presented with very little to no laser points and appear in the glass only very weakly or not at all. For a good display of the photo dark colors are getting lightened up and bright colors are getting obscured in the image.
Avoid a photo with strong color contrasts. With black hair, therefore, you should not wear too bright or even white shirt. With blond hair avoid a very dark shirt.

How many laser points is an image?
A laser image consists hundreds to thousands of laser points. The number of points is also dependent on the existing colors of the image. Bright colors need more points than dark colors. We always strive for maximum quality and thus we laser your image with as many laser points as possible.

Are there differences in quality in the lasering?
Oh yeah. Cheap laser procedure is created with very few points. Thereby, the processing time can be reduced by up to 90%. The lifetime of the laser is increased by the same factor. Such products are not according to our and the Swiss standard. We always strive for maximum quality and thus the highest possible number of laser points (comparable to the resolution of a photo with the number pixels).

What about the life time of laser products?
The life time of laser products are endless. These inner engravings cannot be attacked by external influences. If the glass is not otherwise damaged (broken), the lasering lasts forever.

Does the glass measurements fit 100% according to the product information?
No! All glasses, cuboid, dice and awards are made by hand and therefore certain variation are possible. The deviation of the measurements can be like: in small glasses 0.1 - 0.5mm and with large glass blocks up to 0.1 - 1 mm

What can be lasered in glass?
Everything you can print on paper. So photos, texts (including handwriting), logos, drawings, images, etc. ... and, moreover, 3D models!

In your examples, only the people (heads) are often displayed without background. Did the customer already provided the picture like that?
Generally the picture is always lasered without background in the glass. On request the background can be lasered was well. Please note when ordering that you mention it at the comments section. In this case, the person / object "made freely" with an image editing program. The service of "free placing" the people / objects from the background is provided by us with no extra charge.

What kind of laser are used?
For the inner engraving of crystal glasses we are using diode pumped solid lasers which is operating with pulsed green laser of the latest generation. With this short wavelength laser with a wavelength of 532 nm "green", the engraving is much more finer and therefore more precise. The increase in quality is apparent and clearly recognized by eye.

For the surface processing of flat glass a CO2 laser is getting used. All glass surfaces and many coatings can be structured with it and the glass surface is always matted by the CO2 laser beam. The matting is performed by a partial melting of the glass surface.

What kind of glass is used for the laser products?
We exclusively use so-called "white" and highly polished crystal glass. We place the highest quality demands on the glass blanks. Every single glass blank undergoes an intensive inspection control. Blanks with large inclusions, scratches or other damage will get sorted out. This enables us to ensure in advance that only the very best quality comes to delivery. The larger the glass blank, the higher the rejection rate. Nevertheless, a glass can have tiny air pockets.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes! In the city of Zurich (for more details please see under “contact”). Here the different laser products can be visited. Please make an appointment before visiting.

What is a glass engraving?
Under glass engraving or glass inner engravings means the processing of glass inside with a laser. The term "engraving" but is misused, because with this method, no material is removed according to the definition.     Glas Doors   What are the standard dimensions for doors according to DIN 18100?
Generally, we offer standard glass doors that can be hooked in any standard frame DIN18100 made out of wood or metal. The available sizes can be found in the respective product.

Our glass doors are available in the common standard sizes of 709 mm x 1972 mm, 834 mm x 1972 mm and 959 mm x 1972 mm in accordance with DIN 18101 for unfolded door leaves. Please choose the glass door configurator from the desired standard measure, the correct door stop, fitting type and the appropriate fittings for your door.

How I measure a door?
Below a sketch for the correct measurement of the door:   Further details on the measurement of glass doors, please see "Information" (link)

Does it matter which door / partition wall side is the edited page?
No. Please choose the side of the door on which the theme shall get engraved. The "Theme Page" is the page on which the glass is processed - irrespective of whether the glass sandblasted, was lasered or painted. This site feels due to the processing always rougher than the smooth glass side of the door.

Please select therefore the door side from which the theme shall get read. The "Scene-readability" plays an important role, especially in designs of lettering. Depending on how you look at the door, the subject is either "read" or mirrored.

Can you cut glass doors?
No, because our doors are made of 8 mm thick glass and they processed special heat treatment! We can produce according to your requirements Standard doors and doors with special measurements accurately.

Before the production of the doors they of course can get tailored to the conditions at your site. There are many factors that can affect a glass door size.

How big is the door frame?
When a new flooring laid, so that the old glass door no longer fits? Which width and height is required? Adjust the holes in the glass with the sides agree? All of these factors we can consider individually with your order

What must be observed when cleaning the doors and partitions?
Our processed glass doors can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. To avoid scratches caused by dust and other contaminants, please proceed with the cleaning cloth in generous swipes over the glass.

Fingerprints and grease stains can best be removed with a conventional glass cleaner. If the pollution sometimes stubborn to let the glass cleaner shortly move and please use neither abrasive nor hard sponges or brushes. These scratch the glass and are irreparable.

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