Anti-Slip Property

A real innovation is the anti-slip structure of glass surfaces using a laser beam.

In a fine grid, which can be seen with the naked eye only at close range, small depressions are introduced into the glass surface.

Each laser pulse produces precise small depressions in the glass surface, which will help prevent slipping on wet glass due to their patented suction.

This patented process is used under the name Laser Grip for many years on polished stone surfaces and is now also applicable to glass and exclusive licenses with machines of Cerion.

The institute of material testing in Wismar has certified the anti-slip glass surfaces with the values R9 and R10. The Laser Grip is characterized by transparency and high resistance.

Nothing is getting applied to the glass surface, as it is the case with the conventional screen printing method. Often printed structures disappear after only a few months due to wear and the cleaning of the printed surfaces is costly.

Laser Grip leaves 90% of the glass surface unchanged and exerts its anti-inflammatory effect on the principle of negative pressure through the small recesses in the glass, which shows over the time no wear.

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