Matting of Glass

The matting of glass surfaces by using a laser is a real alternative to traditional sandblasting and etching and printing techniques. The matting produced by the laser is characterized by a lower sensitivity to dirt over conventionally matted surfaces.

Also a frosted glass surface which already got edited by a laser can be additionally provided with a handle protective impregnation or even colorize. Since the surface structure produced by the laser optically differently acts as sandblasted or etched surfaces can by laser beam designs are generated, which clearly stand out in contrast on previously matted by sandblasting or etching glass surfaces.

Through the use of laser technology to the finest graphical structures such as lines and dots can be produced which are impossible or very expensive to manufacture with conventional techniques.

The generation of different gray shadings by laser on glass can be done easily. Thus, photos and graphics can be easily applied by laser without loss of quality to the glass.

A surface matting can be produced with the laser to all common types of glass. Also ESG or TVG or glass, which is tempered processed or heat strengthened, can be processed using the laser.

Thus, the surface structure of glass doors, facade elements or shower stalls and even coated glass can be processed using this laser procedures.

Glass coatings such as mirror layers, chromium layers or ceramic and organic color layers are easily perforated by laser or ablated surface and the glass surface underneath is matted simultaneously.

For the production of large-area dulling of the laser is less suitable. Here are the classic matting due to lower processing times at an advantage.

But wherever it comes to the application of decors, detailed graphics and photo opportunities, the laser shows its strengths fully. 

Through the application of Cerilas laser technology transfer your décor directly from the computer onto the glass. Forget the ink refilling, cleaning of screens and print heads or the disposal of spent blasting. A tool that is never dulls.

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