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Your own photo lasered on a glass door – each door will be unique and an eye catcher.

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Upload your photo here with a maximum side length of 5000 pixels in the following format: JPG, JPEG, PNG. If your photo (for example on the side) is rotated, rotate the photo please in the correct position.

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Your own photo lasered on a glass door - every door will be unique

Your partner, pet or a nice holiday memory - the design selection can be quite different, and is entirely in your hands.

The following points should meet your image: upright, resolution at least 4 megapixels, good contrast (background / motif)..

Choose your door size and door-stopper-side and in the next step you can upload your photo.


Glass door – standard measurement

Generally, we offer standard glass doors that can be hooked in any standard frame according to DIN 18100 made from wood or metal.

Order glass doors with custom measurements

Wider Doorway, elevated flooring?
That's no problem with our doors. Besides our standard doors we can make glass doors individually on special measurements for you. The width of the doors can get adjusted and as well shorted in the height.

Typ Studio / Lock Studio (2 parts)

Visualisierung Masse Tür 'Studio'  - Lionidas Design GmbH

Typ Office / Lock Studio (3 parts)

Visualisierung Masse Tür 'Office' - Lionidas Design GmbH

Door Stop

Please choose the desired opening page for your glass door.


Scene page and readability

Lesbarkeit von Motiven auf einer Glastür - Lionidas Design GmbH

Please choose the side of the door, on which the subject is to be introduced. The "Theme Page" is the page on which the glass is processed - irrespective of whether the glass gets sandblasted, lasered or painted. This site feels due to the processing always rougher than the smooth glass-side of the door.
Please select therefore the door side from which the subject shall be read. The "Scene-readability" plays an important role especially in designs with lettering. Depending on how you look at the door the subject is either "read" or mirrored.

Glastür kürzen - Lionidas Design GmbH

Is it possible to shorten the doors?

We can produce standard doors according to your requirements and doors with special measurements accurately. Because our doors of 8 mm thickness can’t get shortened after the special heat treatment!
Before production of course the doors can be tailored to your requirements as needed. There are many factors that can affect a glass door measurement. How big is the door frame? If a new flooring laid, so that the old glass door no longer fits? Which width and height is required? Adjust the holes in the glass with the sides agree? All of these factors we can consider individually when ordering.

Motiv auf Glastür lasern - Lionidas Design GmbH

Glass door finishing with laser

Generally we offer 3 finishes for all-glass doors.

Glass doors are provided with the help of our sandblast machine with designs and shapes. The glass layer is removed very thin and it gives the typical frosted glass effect. Our laser is able to engrave motifs and images as an image or vector on the glass door. The design is created by our graphic department and prepared for the laser. The laser ablates the uppermost surface of the glass which can then get recognize as a motif by our eyes.
We can make the glass doors painted in our paint shop with colors to then bear them off again with the laser. The design on lacquered door acts peculiar contrast so that it gets an eye catcher. The painted side of our doors is duller than the shiny glass-side. Therefore choose the right side for the motif for your door.

Glastüren richtig reinigen - Lionidas Design GmbH

Cleaning tips for processed glass doors.

Our processed glass doors can be cleaned with a lint-free as possible, moist cloth (for example, a microfibre cloth). Please use the cleaning paper towels, since the lint stucks just at lasered glass doors in the engravings and will leave ugly remnants. To avoid scratches caused by dust and other contaminants please proceed with the cleaning cloth in generous swipes over the glass. 
Fingerprints and grease stains can be removed with a conventional glass cleaner. If the pollution sometimes a bit stubborn let the glass cleaner impact shortly and please use neither abrasive nor hard sponges or brushes. These scratch the glass and is irreparable.

Availability 2 weeks
Glass processing Laser Engraving

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Glass door with desired motif

Glass door with desired motif

Your own photo lasered on a glass door – each door will be unique and an eye catcher.

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